Nota Note For Bass Players

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Nota Note For Bass Players

This is the new series from Welty Editions. It introduces bass players to a variety of music reading by presenting note-for-note transcriptions of selected pieces. The first of the series focuses on Jazz with Brian Nova a jazz guitarist from Seattle. We chose the most intimate ensemble there is : Trio Jazz. This method illustrates the playing styles that a studio bassist can develop. This book is appropriate for students who are already familiar with reading music, as well as those who strive to reach this level.

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This bookscore will help you to get further with your bass guitar skills.

Nota Note For Bass Players (book and Cd included), Isbn : 2-9519521-2-0


In order to provide students with accessible transcriptions, the electric bass parts have been simplified. Use the CD in the following manner: 

First, tracks 1-5 are the original recording of the trio (with Bruno Chaza on bass) that we will find in the method. (Except track one which is only a bonus track without score). Next, tracks 6-10 feature the same pieces, but without the bass part. You should try to reproduce the parts written in this volume, but also construct your own version by reading the chord patterns.

Track 1 : Black Orpheus (Luiz Bonfa) with Bruno Chaza on bass

Track 2 : Akaka Falls (Helen Parker) with Bruno Chaza on bass

Track 3 : Blues Etude (Oscar Peterson) with Bruno Chaza on bass

Track 4 : Satin Doll (Duke Ellington) with Bruno Chaza on bass

Track 5 : The Shadows of Your Smile (Johnny Mandel) with Bruno Chaza on bass

Track 6 : Black Orpheus (Luiz Bonfa) without bass (backing track guitar and drum)

Track 7 : Akaka Falls (Helen Parker) without bass (backing track guitar and drum)

Track 8 : Blues Etude (Oscar Peterson) without bass (backing track guitar and drum)

Track 9 : Satin Doll (Duke Ellington) without bass (backing track guitar and drum)

Track 10 : The Shadows of Your Smile (Johnny Mandel) without bass (backing track guitar and drum)

The CD was recorded in Sun Valley Studio, Idaho and mixed by Phil, Wake the Dead Studio, FranceThis disc was made possible by the management of Bruno Bouchegnies in Seattle. Thanks also to contrabassists Dan O'Brien and Buddy Catlett who were the great inspiration for the bass lines in this method. Special thanks to the guitarist Brian Nova for his talent and his trust in us. Another thanks to the drummer Greg Williamsson and to Ponyboy records, who have a terrific catalogue of jazz from the Northwest region of the US. Finally, on the web you can listen the irreplaceable French touch of the excellent Bruno Chaza, who is the author of six other methods published by Welty Editions.

Download extracts and mp3 from the method Nota Note For Bass Players

Chosen among the ten best bass players in the world while the world Bass event, Bruno Chaza discography gets richer in 2019 with the Moonlight and the Conversations albums, records based on bass duets out of Jean Sebastien Bach music. These albums were recorded with John Patitucci (Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock), Laurence Cottle (Eric Clapton), Federico Malaman, Michael Manring, Kai Eckhardt (John Mac Laughlin), Edgar Meraz, and have been arranged by Bruno, Michel Eyan and Jason Miles, arranger of the Tutu album of Miles Davis. Bruno Chaza is the vitamin for the inspiration, the honor of the profession, undoubtedly to be ranked among the top emotion maker. If there is a musician who made it is unanimously that's one.

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