Artist Rorang Interview 2022

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Artist Rorang Interview 2022

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A great and beautiful moment with the Artist Rorang

A moment with Bruno Chaza and Rorang, Interview 2022


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Rorang 21st Century Little Prince


What were the critical aspects of your musical development : other musicians, specific books, getting to know a standard, a personal revelation, a certain practice method, etc. ?
I listen to a lot of different music. I listened to all kinds of music that suited my feelings regardless of genre.
Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM and more. And since childhood, I have loved books, especially fantasy novels.
And while I was majoring in composition in college, I studied jazz theory and did a little bit of rock band activity where I played the guitar and sang songs.
I think all these things are coming together to make my music right now.
And through the development of numerous software, plug-in, and DAW programs, it seems to have made it possible to arrange, work and record everything by myself at home.

If I want to listen or buy a CD of yours tomorrow, what do you recommend I listen to ?
So far, I have released a total of 6 songs. One EP (3 songs in total) album and 3 single albums.
It's only available online right now, When I finish another song in 2022, I plan to collect all the songs and release the first full album CD. Don't rush. Then you can buy it. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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Are there still musicians that you listen to who give you strength and energy ? Could you talk about that ?
Actually, I can't name just one person because I've been influenced by a lot of music and musicians for a long time,
But These days, I am deeply fascinated by the music of Tame Impala.
His music has a strong influence on me because of its powerful sound, beautiful melody, and dreamy atmosphere and great lyrics.

Could you tell us something about your recent projets ?
'21st Century Little Prince', released in March 2022, was a really new challenge for me.
My songs so far were generally minor songs and had a heavy sound.
I started writing lyrics with the motif of the novel 'The Little Prince' by 'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry', which I have loved since childhood, and I wanted to include a bright and lovely sound filled with affection, thinking of my friends from all over the world I met online.
Especially, in this song, the famous French jazz bassist 'Bruno Chaza' played the bass and You can hear a bass line that mixes midi bass and his real performance.
Another French artist 'Ruben Garcia', a performance artist, actor, and director working as a street artist in Jeju Island, South Korea, narrated The Little Prince.
His narration was recorded in his native French language.
In all of this, I got a lot of inspiration from them. The work was completed in a fun way with the help of two great and respectable artists.
If the novel 'The Little Prince' is the work of French author 'Antoine de Saint-Exupéry', '21st Century Little Prince' is the work of 'Rorang' in South Korea. I thought this concept was fun.

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Do you practice different instruments according to styles and functions ?
There was a time when I practiced the guitar hard. But I haven't been active in music for a long time and In 2020, I released my first EP album.
Since I compose, write lyrics, arrange, sing, and plan by myself, I am now more focused on studying logic(DAW) programs and many plug-in rather than musical instruments.
But I still want to play the guitar. Even though I'm not a great guitarist...

Is your student’s musical experiment only with Jazz ?
No matter what genre of music you play or compose, I think it is necessary to study jazz theory.
However, there are many different genres of music that are really attractive, and in this era, it is best to pursue your own music style regardless of genre.
I think it's really important to play, listen to, and try out many genres.

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What advice would you give to young musicians reading this ?
I'm not in a position to give advice to anyone, but I have a promise to myself.
Now, Korean music is dominated by KPOP and dance music.
Playing other genres and releasing an album means that it is not easy to make money with your own music alone. Being a popular musician and becoming famous in any country is never an easy task. Being a pop musician to make money is also really cool.
But if you choose the path of an artist, I hope you keep and develop your own color and style.
And don't give up. And you have to study and practice a lot. The artist must win the battle against own-self.

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Do you think the internet can provide a forum for a musical counter-culture or open new possibilities for musicians, or do you think the web will alienate us even more ?
The Internet connects musicians from all over the world, transcending countries and genres, and provides quick information. This is an opportunity to try something more diverse, and In fact, I am also benefiting from it.
Active exchange of musicians, We have a good tool to promote our music to the world.
But most people are listening to music online with a monthly payment through various platforms And most of them don't buy music well. Well, musicians have to be a lot smarter.
All have their pros and cons.

Without getting into a deeply philosophical debate, do you think musicians have something to say about the world’s troubles: global warming, conflicts, economic struggles ?
I have been sponsoring 'Greenpeace' for a long time. I love nature and I really, really, really love animals.
Thoughts and actions for global warming, animal protection, and human rights and freedoms are desperately needed.
Considering the limited resources of the Earth and its future, we wish to protect the environment and live and practice to the fullest possible service and practice and I will continue to do so.

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Artist Rorang Interview

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Super, je ne connaissais pas je découvre, merci