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Bienvenue, présentez-vous !
Nouveau bassiste-forumeur
Nouveau bassiste-forumeur
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New Commer

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Ravi de vous rencontrer.
My name is Granny Yuriko.
I live in Tokyo.
I am Japanese, and have 6 grandchiidren .
I love music , and I am a fan of Mr. Bruno Chaza.
My father played the Acoustic guitar and elder son
plays the electric guitar.
Music is the best. Music makes me smile. I want to spend a smile every day. Thank you in the future.

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An hello to you Granny Yuriko, welcome on the forum
You live in Japan, so beautiful country with beautiful soul, i love Japan
Thanks for your presentation
I will do some progress in English, its good, sorry for this but school is far behind
Thanks too for your kind words about my music, its so important thanks you

You have some interview in English in the forum, you will discover this day by day
Dont hesitate to speak, music have no frontiers and the language is not a frontier

If you want you can psot some photos of Japan, it will be great, so have a beautiful day and Welcome Here Granny Yuriko