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Bruno discography gets richer with the Moonlight and the Conversations albums, records based on bass duets out of Jean Sebastien Bach music. These albums were recorded with John Patitucci (Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock), Laurence Cottle (Eric Clapton), Federico Malaman, Michael Manring, Kai Eckhardt (John Mac Laughlin), Edgar Meraz, and have been arranged by Bruno, Michel Eyan and Jason Miles, arranger of the Tutu album of Miles Davis. Bruno Chaza is the vitamin for the inspiration, the honor of the profession, undoubtedly to be ranked among the top emotion maker. If there is a musician who made it is unanimously that's one.

I'm fan of Bruno playing. It was a pleasure to play Bach's music with him. Bach is one of my most favorite composers and I enjoyed Bruno's arrangement for our bass duets as much as for some other duets with the different fine bassists on the project. John Patitucci

I met Bruno Chaza more than 10 years ago by accident on Myspace. I was very impressed with his playing. Many years later I received an invitation to participate in the new classical album. I was very happy to work with Bruno for the first time. Stepping into the mind of the great JS Bach was challenging and yet very fulfilling. Kai Eckhardt

One of the greatest joys of being a musician is to be able to take up the masterpieces of the great JS Bach. The music is of course, sublimely, unfalteringly beautiful and simultaneously intellectually deep, rich and fulfilling. There's not much I can or need to add to the praise that's already been rightly given to these cornerstones of Western Civilization, but I'd like to point out a special challenge and opportunity Bach's music offers us. I'm fan of Bruno's playing. Michael Manring

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Bruno-Chaza-La Note

Discography, Album La Note

With Fred Blondin, Véro Bossa, Yves Manga, Christian Seguy, Sourine, Benoit Laurens, Brian Nova, Christian Lochouarn


Discography, Album Moonlight

With Kai Eckhardt, John Patitucci, Michael Manring, Michel Eyan, Laurence Cottle, Federico Malaman, Jason Miles, Edgar Meraz


Discography, Album Brian Nova, Nota Note

With Brian Nova and Greg Williamsson, Usa, books and Cd included, Ponyboy records


Discography, Album Michel Eyan, Coeur Mangé

With Michel Eyan, recording session ICP Brussels


Discography, Single Halloween Night

With Michel Eyan, Michael Robinson


Discography, Album L'Amore all Italiana

With David Luccio, enregsitrement ICP Brussels


Discography, Album Subaquashow

With Jef Mounet, Peter Jonsson


Discography, Album Voyage

With Fred Schneider


Discography, Album Au Merle Moqueur

With Luc Arteno trio, live Paris XIII


Discography, Double Album Live Rock Graffitis

With Luc Arteno quintet, live Chateauroux, France


Discography, Album Rue des Cinq Diamants

With Luc Arteno trio


Discography, Album Capitale

With Luc Arteno trio


Discography, Album Sur Le Sentier De La Paix

With Luc Arteno


Discography, Album Paul Timke

With Paul Timke, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


Discography, Single Naufragos Jorge Castillo Lujan

With Jorge Castillo Lujan, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


Discography, Album Kentsifelon

With Kentsifelon, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico


Master Classes, Yamaha

All around the world, Argentina, Mexico, Usa


Master Classes, Teaching

Master Class Academia Yamaha, Mexico

Beside his career as a musician, Bruno is as well author of several bass guitar methods at Welty Editions. These methods are available in paperback or e-books through the website.

Endorsed amps by american brand Aguilar, german brand Glockenklang, Labella strings and also by french instrument maker Christian Noguera. A Bruno Chaza bass Signature is available in 3 configurations : fretted, fretless and piccolo. These models are accesible since 2009.

Bruno Chaza teaches in various organisations such as Isdat (Pole Superieur Occitanie, France), Regional Conservatory of Toulouse, Conservatory of Cahors, Villeneuve sur Lot, (France), Yamaha academy Mexico.
His musical studies were unanimously awarded by a superior and excellence 1 st prize by the Conservatory jury.

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